Time to create memories

7 reasons why you should spend your vacation in Natz-Schabs

Happy kids make happier parents

The children will still be raving about their experiences even on the way back home – that we promise! The farm’s exclusive playground provides action and adventure while the parents relax on our lounge chairs and read a book.

Our loving farm animals are impatiently waiting for their playmates

Our playful cats like nothing more than to romp around and be cuddled. The bunnies also need your love and are happy when the kids bring them fresh carrots and provide them with hugs from time to time. Don’t forget about the chicken, they too are waiting for you. Our dear children, tell us, for whom should our hens lay the eggs if no one comes to eat them?

Our freshly produced farm products want to be tasted

With love and passion, we prepare numerous homemade farm products for you. From apple juice, to jams, or syrups. All these freshly produces products are awaiting  to be consumed by you!

Some of it can also be found in our delicious breakfast basket…

Our Brixencard fulfils wishes

What’s it going to be for today?

A free ride on the mountain railroad? An exciting museum visit or rather a hike? Cultural or family oriented experiences? Explore our weekly program.

The Brixencard offers a wide range of opportunities for you to organise and fulfil all your wishes based on your summer’s preferences.

The Brixencard is available all year round and is complimentary.

Stories are waiting to be told

What does the Töllhof have to do with Pope Benedict XVI? And what is it about the vintage tractors on the farm?

If you want to find out, come to the farm listen to the spectacular stories that happened all around the area.

An all-year vacation paradise

The sea of flower blossoms in spring, the warm mountain hikes, the cooling off in mountain lake, the harvest time in autumn and the snowy landscape in winter. No matter when you visit us, every season provides your vacation with the Eisacktal (Töllhof/Home) certain something needed to make it special.

The traditions are there to be experienced

The Christmas market in winter, the blossoming season with numerous village festivals in spring and the Törggele season in autumn – all these traditions make every single day the beautiful and special.

And if you want to know what a harvest of apples and grapes looks like, you have the opportunity to experience it first-hand.

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